I am recommending this book with a caution to the reader: This is not your typical mother, father, sister, and brother book. This is not a book about “I’m OK and your OK and if we all just learn to get along we can get along.” If you are a Sunday only Christian you may have to read this book twice to “get it”. “Show Me A Family” by Denise P Isaac is a book published in 2006 for today. Its eighty-one pages are filled with thought provoking words about the family that must be approached with an open heart.

It is with raw honesty that the author, Denise P Isaac, approaches the idea of the normal family. “Show Me A Family” is a philosophical essay which looks at the essence of the family. How can a Christian write philosophy? Glad you asked. Philosophy simply addresses specific ideology; Christian Philosophy is simply the process of analyzing an idea from a biblical perspective. “Show Me A Family” uncovers the roots of each individual member of the household explaining why he or she is.

Everyone should read this book but I am not sure everyone will “get it”. I have a strong desire to spoon feed the world this book word by word because in it is the solution to how we get over ourselves and move forward not only as individuals but as a family and a nation.

I was introduced to the author by a mutual acquaintance he suggested I contact her for a book review. I love promoting unknown Christian authors yet when I ‘googled’ her name I quickly discovered this was not just someone who woke up one day to write a book. I put off contacting her for about a week while I prayed asking God: “Why do I need to promote a book that was written over five years ago?” I did not receive an answer which meant I was to just do it.

Going to the web site ( I learned that the author of “Show Me A Family” is an Apostle. She is also the founder of “All That God Is International Ministries and Outreach Centers Inc.” a “multicultural multitalented church” (see website: About- Pastor/Founder). Apostle Denise Isaac is indeed a very busy woman, in addition to writing “Show Me A Family” she has published a collection of poems “Agape to You” and writes songs. For this interview I asked her one open ended question: “What do you do?” The following is her answer:


“I do various things that support, impact, encourage and empower mankind. I am a “LOVER” of the Creator and His creation. “


It would have been very easy for Apostle Denise P. Isaac to present her extensive and very impressive resume, she did not. Her humble answer reveals more about her character than anything she could have said. I have spoken with her once on the telephone, read her book, glanced at her poetry, I liked what I saw, and reviewed the website. Her life is an example we can follow her words one we can all learn from, she is indeed a woman after God’s heart. Please order this book from the church website: or This is by no means a book you can rush through but it is one you can learn from. Review written by Marsha Randolph

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