If you have never read a John Maxwell book this is a great one to begin with.  In “The 360 Degree Leader” Mr. Maxwell discusses positions of influence  within  the middle of an organization. “People don’t leave their company – they leave their leader.” Mr. Maxwell states on  page 297. By the time you have completed this book no matter what your title is  you will be able to lead and follow effectively.

I dub this a ‘Leader Training Manual’ and  would suggest you use it as such, even if you are the only one being trained.  As leaders we all need to improve our skills, the workbook at the end of the book will help you do just that. Though targeted  towards middle management there is not a person within the organization that  could not benefit from reading this leadership manual including the CEO.

As with all of Mr. Maxwell’s’ books it is an easy read despite its’ 356 pages. There are no chapter’s only sections containing  principles. Each principle is worthy of being converted into an inspirational plaque  and is discussed thoroughly. The beginning of the book address: “the Myth of
Leading From the Middle of an Organization” and the book concludes with  discussing the “Value of 360 Degree leaders”

I am a John Maxwell Fan.  I thought that there was nothing left for him  to teach me after all how many leadership books can a person read especially by  the same author.  I was wrong, which goes  to show you never stop learning! I recommend this book.  Marsha L. Randolph

This book was provided to me  free of charge by BOOKSNEEZE in exchange for a honest review of which I have  done.


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