“Dark Liaison”, a Christian suspense novel by D. I Telbat, is absolutely captivating from the beginning.  What happens when those who enter countries where bibles are banned and the teaching of Christianity is forbidden to do just that get caught?  What happens when people attack you for your religious beliefs?  Commission of International Laborers, also known as COIL to those who know of its’ existence, are the network of spies who support these stealth missionaries by coming to their aid at the risk of their own lives. Unfortunately the members of COIL do not use deadly force on their rescue trips.

From the beginning D. I. Telbat immerses the reader into a world of the unknown introducing various characters of great interest. This is a book you will want to continue to read if only to answer various questions including who is this Memphis person and why is he so important?  What about those missing seventeen years of Corban?  Dark Liaison is a well written thriller which that just so happens to have a Christian theme associated with it.

It all comes together in the end or does it? I recommend Dark Liason available via Amazon as an ebook: .

Note:  A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to: Samaritan’s Purse and Voice of the Martyrs both worthy causes, for this reason alone it is worth purchasing the book. For more information visit Authors’ web site:


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