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When political truths hurt often it is because of years of not facing the truth. Many former Democrats will share the moment he or she decided to switch parties. Facts and common sense
should go hand in hand with   a person’sideology yet form many this is not the case. More often than not party loyalist, on both sides of the political aisle, ignore facts and defend their candidate
with nothing more than media talking points. The information found in the book “NO HE CAN’T” by Kevin McCullough should not be ignored..

In “NO HE CAN’T:  How Barak Obama is Dismantling Hope and Change” we are given factual information that should allow the reader to see the President for what and who he is. Aware of the President prior to him becoming a Senator, Mr. McCullough reveals not only his first impression but the reasons why he has come to his current conclusions. Divided into four parts with subchapters four areas of importance are covered: the economy, security, the constitution and credibility.

Without a doubt if you consider yourself a conservative you are going to love this book. Already it has drawn the ire of many liberals. The facts found in this book will stand the test of time. I am recommending this book to  everyone, I strongly advise it be read before the 2012 election. If you voted for President Obama but are not sure if you should vote for him again, read this first. If you voted for President Obama and want to vote for him again PLEASE read this book with an open mind. If you have no intentions of voting for President Obama read this book.

In fairness I must share that I am a Conservative which would sway my opinion in favor of presenting a positive view point.  However I would not and do not give positive reviews to books that are written from a spiteful or offensive way. The book is excellently written in organization, justification and content.

This book was given to me free of charge by BookSneeze in exchange for my unbiased opinion.