NaNoWriMo Day #30

Today is the last day and  now thousands of individuals are taking a break before they begin the process of editing their manuscript. Quite a few have written more than 50,000 words duing National Novel Writing Month.  I on the other hand did not break the 25K mark and I am very pleased with my results.


I started this month writing book #2 to in a series even though I was in the process of editing book #1.  At some point during the process of writing I decided to do a massive overhaul of book #1 which would add to Book #2. (Are you following me?) In addition I already have book #3 in my head!

Therefore NaNoWriMo has been a huge success for me despite my not achieving the goal of 50 thousand words in 30 days.

So what is next?  More writing of course!

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NaNoWriMo Day #27

Seriously? You think I am not taking the challenge serious?  Well let me tell you: I am taking this very serious perhaps to serious.

I do like the plot I developed, however, since I never know what the characters are going to do until they introduce themselves I just did not know how things were going to unfold.  When I realized that Moses was already there when Hope arrived I had to discover why he was there.

When I asked the how question I was sent on a research  journey. Now I know why a white man is attending an all black church.

What this has to do with Black Congressmen in the 1800’s or rich Black men and women in the same time frame I don’t know but ya’ have to take this information seriously!

NaNoWriMo Day #26

Are you still there?

Dear Reader I am sorry, I am at the point in which I am enjoying my manuscript so much so that I need to know more. I simply cannot write one more word about Hope or Moses until I know more about their history.

Soooo, while the elders worship the Lord in song on the pagoda I am trying to discover who built this rocking chair.  rocking chair

Word count; do you really need to know? 19003.   Don’t worry I will get it down to 10K before the year is over!

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NaNoWriMo Day #21

The setup for NaNoWriMo at home, if I need to ...
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It’s the believability clause! Not that I have to be 100% accurate when I insert historical information into my novel however, when writing about events that occurred in the past it is important that your plot agrees with history as closely as possible. For example: there were no automobiles in 1776.

I wanted the character Moses to come from the city next to the plantation where Horace X the slave lived.   If my goal was to just get the 50,000 words out of the this would not have been a problem.  After doing some research I realized there could not possibly be a bustling city next to a cotton plantation. The graphics I discovered sent me back to the novel I was editing prior to writing this one since it is book one of this series.PICKING COTTON

I am not writing Historical Fiction, it is still important to have some idea of what happened during the era in which you are writing. This is THE BELIEVABILITY CLAUSE.


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NaNoWriMo Day #19

It is to early for a word count, therefore I will not be sharing one today.  However, it is safe to assume that it will probably be less than 500.


I am trying to decide if I have outgrown NaNoWriMo or if my projects are bigger than thirty days. It is the difference between sprinting and marathons, they are both running activities but the training is slightly different and the time it takes to run the race is too. Can a marathon runner sprint? I would think so. Can I write a novel in 30 days? Been there done that.

I wonder if these 105 words can count towards my novel?  Just kidding!


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NaNOWriMo Day #18

……and then I fell in love. I could not help it. I fell in love with one of the characters, he is after all the perfect man for my leading lady! Cup with silver hearts

What does this mean? It means I cannot rush because I want the reader to love him as much as I do thus I must develop his character so that everyone sees what I see. It also means that I have thrown word count out of the window; some things are more important.

More than half way through NaNo and I am going to make a confession (more to come). This book is part of a series and I am still editing Book One.  As with all of my writings there is a purpose to my madness and so every syllable has a purpose.

I realized this morning my biggest struggle with the book was focusing on word counts and not word significance.  I love you NaNoWriMo and I know it is possible for me to write 50 thousand words in 30 days; I have done it before I just might not do it this time.

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NaNoWriMo Day #16

My word count 18,634 to be on target I should have written at least 25,000 words.  No it is not time to give up.


Putting things in perspective I need to write 2,092 words to achieve fifty thousand words by November 30th today I wrote 2,207 words.

All goals need to be evaluated every now and then. Recently I updated my business plan and realized how out of date some of the information was.  If you are trying to loose weight there may come a time in which you decide the program you are on is not for you.  Perhaps you are dating someone and suddenly realize he is a jerk.

Time allows you to adjust your perspective.  Half way through NaNoWriMo I had to step back and look at things differently, this helped me make the necessary adjustments.

Sometimes you don’t need to quit you just need to change your perspective.


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