NaNoWriMo Day #2

Spring forward – Fall Back, clocks change soon but that is not my excuse for not getting much writing done today.


Time just seemed to slip away. I had a list of things to do before I sat down to write and I really did not get much of that done either.

Today, was more of a get organized day.  Unfortunately, tomorrow will be a social day; after church friends and family will be going out to eat in celebration of my brother-in-laws birthday.

It is 1:30 AM and as I wind down I am trying to figure out what I actually did today! I am tired so I must have done something.

RECLINING WOMANI spent a lot of time downloading video so that I could study for my Series 6 exam.

I did my personal Bible study, as I do most mornings.

I cooked, I cleaned, I went to the store. These are things I do on a normal day.

What I did today that I don’t normally do? I watched television and I took a nap!  I love Christmas movies and they are on all day on the weekends and from now until next year they will be on every day.

My word count today? About 563.  With no real writing planned for tomorrow and Monday booked with a doctor’s appointment,, church activity and business meetings I am going to have to increase my word goals for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Judging by some of the blog post I am doing better than some.

600x750mm sign intended to match the specifica...

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