NaNoWriMo Day #5



You can’t always have days that are perfect.  Yesterday I completed over 1,000 words and today so far 293. I am not panicked!

Late last night  the Elders took over the plot; they were trying to make the book about them and not Hope; so I gave everyone a time out.  This morning I had a talk with The Elders and thought we had an agreement as to what role they would play in the novel and I believe we have come up with a compromise. Unfortunately as the day progressed it became apparent that The Elders were still behaving like main characters.

I call this an oversized gazebo though it is actually a Pergola.
I call this an over sized gazebo though it is actually a Pergola.                                       This is where The Elders gather.


This does not make sense to you? Have you ever told a story in which you felt needed some background information? Once you told the story you realized you could have shared the same information with less words. This is what happens when I write.

I fall in love with my characters and I want the world to know them as well as I do so I expand on their personality.  This information may be interesting but it is not necessary.  I call it: a character takeover for this particular novel it was a group of individuals a.k.a. The Elders.

This was my day to write 3,000 words. The night is early but it may or may not happen.  Based on my experience with National Novel Writing Month I understand that every day will not be a perfect day of writing.


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