NaNoWriMo Day #14

I am still here!

I admit to having a day of writers block but that was the least of my worries! Writing is a solo sport,  occasionally when I look at what other people are doing it is a distraction causes self doubt.

On day 11 I did not like the direction my plot was going and apparently my characters did not like it either because they stopped talking to me.  So I sat outside on my front porch (away from the laptop) and let them tell me what was wrong.

It is a matter of styles. I was reading other writers concepts and procedures and got bogged down with antagonist and protagonist. Apparently in order to write a good novel you must have both.

Antagonist- the person who causes the problem

Protagonist – the person who solves the problem

The problem is in my books “life” is the antagonist and “faith” is the protagonist.  I could say that when I write I do everything “they” say you should not do except I know I am not the only one.
Perhaps I would have finished writing this novel a long time ago if I had written an outline, created a synopsis of the book and defined my antagonist and protagonist except I write freestyle and so I have to be able to listen to the characters.

My characters are not like other people and neither am I now that I am over that “I have to do it the way they do it” syndrome the words are flowing. What’s my word count? I don’t know I will have to give it to you later.

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