Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all these things will be given to you too. Matthew 6:33 The Voice


My favorite part of the Christmas season is the holiday movies!  I can sit for hours caught up in the pleasure of fantasy land.  I am disappointed in this year’s crop of movies, many of them seem to have “hidden agendas”.


Cover of "Miracle on 34th Street (Special...


Classic movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” reflected the importance of individuals and brought forth hope where there was none.  “White Christmas” shared the beauty of helping a friend despite your own troubles. Even “A Charlie Brown Christmas” celebrated finding beauty  wherever you find yourself; we all remember the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.


Two movies I watched had a homosexual couples in it. One movie discussed global warming as if it was legitimate.  And there are numerous movies in which someone died or was dying.


It is so important that we remember why we celebrated Christmas.  My personal Scripture is Matthew 6:33, no matter which translation I read it from the point remains the same; regardless of the circumstance in which I read it, the point is the same: God first.


Cover of "A Charlie Brown Christmas"


Classic movies did not have to mention God or the Bible to reflect Biblical principles. They were at its’ core about loving mankind and hope for the future which is why everyone loves “Miracle on 34th Street”. Though today’s movies give you a happy ending the emphasis is on the crappy middle conflict, competition, divided families, corporate takeovers, etcetera. If you watch enough of the new holiday movies it would be easy to forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.


I love Christmas because it helps me refocus on the kingdom of God and



His righteousness. Christmas is not about gifts, global warming, homosexuality, or even the loss of our loved ones. Christmas is about the birth of our Savior.


If we seek first God He will help us work out all the foolish things that are going on in this world.


Merry Christmas to you, may you receive the things you need and want this holiday.     Marsha L Randolph







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English: Wal calendar

December is the month I start reading my Bible, if I am going to read it from Genesis to Revelation.  I started reading the Expanded Bible  in its’ entirety December 20011 and I am still reading it, I am not in a hurry.  In the past I am usually finished sometime in the summer.

December is also the time when I start working on my goals for the upcoming year. This year in addition to finishing my books: Sister Sharon and Disappointing Hope I am working on my Series 6 licence.  Thus I have gone through my 2014 calendar and given myself deadlines.   The first week of January I will be taking the exam for my investment license and Sister Sharon should be ready for publication by March 1.

New for my December list is changing the way I eat and exercise.  Basically I have been eating what I want and exercising very little. Last month I started physical therapy for a hip problem and I have been obediently exercising at home twice a year which has motivated me to pay attention to the foods I eat.

This may seem like a lot but it is not.  I have a plan, a five year plan in fact.  This is how I make sure that I do not settle for yesterday’s good news. Some of my goals are flexible, which is why I am still reading the Expanded Bible.  Some of my goals have a definite end date: I must get my series 6 license sooner rather than later.  Some of my goals are unending, getting healthier and writing. All of my goals are directly related to my purpose in life.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are you going to do to make in happen? Why are you waiting for January 1 to start?

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