26 Jesus looked to see His mother and the disciple He loved standing nearby.

Jesus (to Mary, His mother): Dear woman, this is your son (motioning to the beloved disciple)! 27 (to John, His disciple) This is now your mother.

From that moment, the disciple treated her like his own mother and welcomed her into his house.



Today I celebrate all the men and women who are primary care givers to someone else’s mother. The are numerous women in nursing homes, hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and even living alone at home whose child(ren)have left them in your care.

The income you receive from being a caregiver is only a representation of the blessing God has for you because you welcome mothers with love and treat them as your own.

A special thank you to Sylvia Floyd Owner and Operator of Sylvia’s Senior Home here in Miami Florida. She and her staff loved my Aunt far better than I ever could. The residents there are given much love, fed well and have plenty to do. I cannot recommend a better place for loved ones to go, even if it is just for her Day Care Service, than Sylvia’s Senior Home.


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