For years I sold life insurance, though it is something that is needed until the individual can become self-insured everyone cannot afford the cost. What I discovered is that the very people who did not have anything set aside when the time came to be buried were the ones the insurance companies either refused to cover them or the cost was to much.

When I came across the company ONE LIFE  and discovered that I could partner with them and network into numerous companies I jumped at the chance. This partnership has allowed me to network with companies that understand the needs of the people I come in contact with. BUT more than making sure that my clients have enough money (through end of life benefits) to cover burial expenses or cremation there is also a FREE SERVICES through Dignity I help people begin the needed process of planning.

I know no one wants to think of the day he or she dies however, unless Jesus is here now, it is important that we spare our loved ones the pain of planning our funerals.