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We start out in life full of enthusiasm and ideas and then we fail. Those of us who have big ideas fail and fail and fail and fail again. The reason we fail so much is because we are in unfamiliar territory that is outside of our comfort zone.

Achieving is a personal journey do not expect the support or company of friends or loved one. Often it is the very people you know who will be the ones who are trying to talk you out of pursuing your goals. If you began this journey with faith in God through Jesus you will discover an internal motivation that keeps you going despite the nay-sayers. Success comes if you go after the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). Jesus will never leave you and the Holy Spirit will help you.

As a follower of Jesus you are not alone yet you must believe in yourself. Are you determined enough to move forward despite the discomfort of being in unfamiliar territory? Continuing to go after your goals is difficult particularly when those around you advise you to quit. When the people who you thought were going to be there for you are no longer there are you willing to keep moving? When those you trust stop believing in you, though they may not put it in those words, quitting becomes easier than moving on. The longer it takes to achieve the less support you will receive.

There is a difference between dreaming and going after a dream. Children dream dreams; people who want to be successful establish plans inspired by a dream. Your big ideas are not bigger than God. You are limited only by what you believe. You will never fail if you just dream.

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