I was looking at picture of a beautiful woman who happened to be a “disabled” veteran. Her disability was due to the fact that her left leg was missing. Around the time I saw the female veterans’ picture on Facebook there was a story on the news regarding Victoria’s Secret models. This was around the time the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” was released. The question arises: Does not having a body part not make you sexy?

I have seen enough and heard enough back room conversations to know that everybody talking about sex is not having it. Yet, todays advertisers, the fashion industry, many social experts and as well as the news media promote sex and sexuality as if it was the most important thing in a person’s life.
Having a great sexual life does not: pay bills, will not maintain a relationship for long, will not make your children grow up to be productive members of society and will not be a priority if you or your partner is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Young women give their bodies to men who declare their love and then leave when the baby is born, they move on to someone who they can have sex with and not the responsibility. I suspect the reason many celebrities have such short marriages is because the foundation of their relationship was great sex. No one talks about these things, it is not profitable to tell the world that sexuality brings only temporary pleasure.
I know of a couple in which the wife has multiple health problems; though once a vibrant beautiful woman her appearance reflects the numerous crisis she has experienced. Over the years I have witnessed her hair thinning, I have visited her on the cardiac unit of the hospital, I have spoken to her on her way to or from dialysis, prayed for her as she had fingers or toes amputated. My husband and I have been support for her husband on the days that he was just exhausted from working 12 hour days and coming home to take her to the next doctors appointment. I am sure neither the husband or the wife care about sexy lingerie yet they are younger than me, I am 55.
Everyone should strive to look their best; wash your clothes, keep your body clean and odor free, and comb your hair. It is does not matter if you wear boxers or briefs, granny panties or thongs as long as you are comfortable in them. When the lights are off you cannot tell if you purchased lingerie from Victoria’s Secret or Walmart. There is nothing wrong with looking good for your wife or your husband.

Sexy is not all it is marketed out to be. The fashion industry makes money selling people an illusion of pleasure. The technology and automobile industry manipulate individuals into believing that the newest thing will attract unimaginable thrills. Sexy does not guarantee fidelity, security or even success; it is all a deception.
In order to achieve contentment and satisfaction in life what is important is not sexy but: respect, trust and good conversation these are not marketable and therefore not profitable.


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