There is a lot on my mind these days, some of it exciting some distressing. One of my thoughts this morning was about being a Christ follower. I realized that I may have to make the decision to confess Jesus as Lord of my life to my own hurt.
Consider what is going on with businesses that do not want to acknowledge same-sex relationships and want to limit their interactions with those who do. A bakery closed their doors because they did not want to make a “wedding” cake for a same-sex couple. What about those places that are demanding the right to practice sharia law, here in the United States? How will that affect me? As a business owner when I hire people will I be forced to pay for their abortions, yes I know my tax dollars pay for it now but..?
What happens if people who call themselves Christian in America decide not to practice what they believe and Muslims in America are able to put their ideology on other Americans? Do I simply accept popular opinion and go along to get along? Or, do I have enough boldness to declare Jesus is Lord regardless of the circumstance?
I was listening to a message from Andrew Wommack and he said he was willing to go to prison for what he believed. When I heard that I thought: Will I be able to take my Bible?
It is easy to say: I will do anything for Jesus, it is another thing to do it. I would like to believe that I would die instead of deny Him but the truth is even Peter tried to spare his own life denying Jesus three times (Matthew 26). My conclusion: I need more of Him because only through Christ will I be able to endure tomorrow.


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