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I did it! On December 1, 2011 I began reading THE EXPANDED BIBLE today May 5, 2015 I finished! I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation on numerous occasions using various translations- King James, New King James, Amplified, The Message, The Voice and New International Version. I have read the entire Bible in one year and in 4 months, this time I chose to take my time and study God’s Word.
I did not read it in the order it appears in the book, nor did I give myself a set number of chapters to read a day, some days I only read one verse.
I like THE EXPANDED BIBLE, I had received a complimentary copy in 2011 for review. I like the comments, and other translations that are placed next to the word or phrase. But I know this Bible is not for everyone, for a beginner it might be to much information. For those who want to just read without the detailed study the comments will interrupt the flow. I wanted to study God’s word which is why I like this Bible better than the Amplified translation.
Every time I read the Bible I learn something new and every time I finish reading the Bible I realize there is still more to learn. Taking my time reading THE EXPANDED BIBLE was a great experience, however, it will be a while before I take on the task of reading from Genesis to Revelation again (I will stick to topical studies).

Thank you for your comments.

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