Before the first candidate announced he was running for office I was considering Marco Rubio for President but then I started listening. As much as I appreciate the accomplishments of Dr. Carson I do not believe he is Presidential material.

For quite a while I have been listening and reading the opinions of various individual with different statuses. I had not considered Trump until people started saying why I should not consider him and then I started listening more attentively.
DONALD TRUMPFor years I have heard all the bad about Donald J. Trump, said a few choice words about him myself. However, after pulling back the curtain and looking at Donald the man and not Donald the billionaire I see a caring, hardworking man, I believe him when he says he wants to make America great again.
He has switched parties, ideologies and even wives; to some he is considered a flip-flopper. What I have noticed is that he has learned from his mistakes and he has been consistent in 2 things- his family and his finances. I am impressed by how his children have matured, despite the circumstances of their birth, and how his business has grown. I am not going to address his faith issue- I believe Donald J. Trump like the rest of us is an imperfect Christian which is why Jesus had to come. All of his mistakes are public record and his successes he will constantly remind us of.

I would love to see a President Donald J. Trump because I know that he is smart enough to surround himself with men and women who are smarter than he is on numerous subjects which would include his Vice Presidential nominee (whom I pray will be Ted Cruz). I am supporting him for over 18 trillion reasons a topic he understands better than any other candidate.

If money is the root of all evil we need to elect someone who knows how to uproot the financial problems America is facing. Very few of America’s woes do not have a link to money. The lack of secure borders the poorly financed military, and lack of well paying jobs are evils that have grown out of mismanaged money.

Politicians historically know how to spend money, they understand sequesters and not passing budgets as well as extending deadlines. Politicians know how to use their tenure in office to make millions of dollars once they leave office. What politicians do not seem to know how to do is make money without spending more money they do not know how to negotiate deals or create private sector jobs. Donald J. Trump knows the people who create jobs and the reasons why they do not.

With all do respect there was only one Ronald Reagan and he is dead. I don’t want another Reagan President, I want people to be who they are and not try to be someone different. So I am casting my vote for Donald J Trump and I hope he wins.