Hand Holding Paper Currency ca. 2002
Hand Holding Paper Currency ca. 2002

It is October which means I should be finishing my Continuing Education Classes for the next tax season, and making sure I have completed all requirements not only with IRS but River City Bank. However, I had few problems that had to be resolved with two of my newer clients and one with someone who had been with me for years. THE ADVANTAGE OF HAVING A TAX PREPARER WHO YOU HAVE ACCESS TO YEAR-ROUND is that when you have a question he or she is available (not some alternative). It did not take me long to help and for two of the three individuals there was NOT AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

During the month of November when I usually turn my attention to marketing my business I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month . I will write a 50 thousand word novel in 30 days just because. I have done it before and will do it again, I will not be spending to much time marketing my TAX PREPARATION BUSINESS.


EVERY YEAR family members or friends call me with questions regarding someone else’s taxes. The avoidable problems include:
1) A person who received an INCOME TAX REFUND ADVANCE without understanding that it is an advance from a finance company and not the IRS. The problem with this: When the tax return is filed should the IRS not release the refund. Or the refund is actually less than anticipated and the person may or may not get additional money. The individual is liable for the amount of the check plus interest that began the day the check was received.
2) Dependents were claimed by someone else. One of the biggest reason why you need to know who is doing your tax return is some places are not trustworthy. There are places in which tax preparers will use your information on the return of someone else and vice versa. Of course ex-spouses or parents may claim a dependent and IRS does have guidelines as to who is qualified to claim a child or parent as a dependent. THE LOSS OF A DEPENDENT EXEMPTION can be the difference between a refund or owing the IRS.
3) A person tries to file at Company Y and discovers Company X filed on his / her behalf already. The individual had gone to Company X but after talking to someone decided to go to Company Y where the people seemed more knowledgeable. DON’T SIGN ANYTHING, unfortunately some companies file without signatures assuming once you receive the big check you will ignore their shady practices.

Many people think they are not that gullible. However I have done enough amendments of tax returns completed by CPAs to know that the best clients are INFORMED CLIENTS.

2)It is illegal to file a tax return without a W-2 until mid-February (date designated by the IRS). In addition if you file with the last pay stub the discrepancy between the last pay stub and the W-2 could result in your owing.
3) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your tax return. Your signature indicates that you agree with what is being submitted to IRS.
4) DO NOT GET REFUNDS from anyone other than the IRS. I have clients who choose to have their tax preparation fees paid from their refund. They do this by utilizing a bank product in which their refund is forwarded to the bank and the bank pays me, themselves and then the rest goes to the client. I do not encourage my clients to obtain their refund before the IRS has deposited their check into the providing bank- NO ADVANCE REFUNDS!
5) KNOW WHAT IS ON YOUR TAX RETURN. Please do not just pick up and sign.

After over 15 years of doing taxes I am still amazed at the number of people who I help FREE OF CHARGE (suggestions only) with their tax problems. The reason my practice grows is because I solve problems people have many are directly related to the above 5 points.

If you live in the Miami area and you are looking for a Professional Tax Preparer I can be reached via: email NOWAYZTIRED@GMAIL.COM


Thank you for your comments.

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