IT’S NOT OBAMA’S FAULT- the divisions among us

00356747It occurred to me as I was talking to a gentleman at a political meeting: President Obama did not divide this nation. The divisions we see today have always been in existence President Obama just knew how to use the existing divisions to his advantage.

President understood there was a segment of the population who believed they could not succeed because white people kept them down and he did not dispute that. He knew some people believed that women were discriminated against and so he used abortion as a tool to point out the differences. Of course the majority of Americans believe in a man and a woman coming together in marriage so to add fuel to the fire he repeatedly reminded the homosexual community how much people did not like them being different. President Obama is excellent at pointing out the differences a group of people have and telling each group why another group thinks they are a problem.Referee

But it was not Obama who came up with these groups. Black people were: Colored, Negro, African-American and now divided. Women are: feminist, pro-life, homemakers, working women, pro-choice and there are even derogatory names used not by men but towards each other in jest (rhymes with witch). Americans are: rich, poor, racist, sexist, homophobic, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Socialist, homosexual, heterosexual, male, female, educated, low-information-voter, young, old, millennial, senior citizen, victim, criminal, Latino, Special Needs, Disabled, and the list goes on. The labels did not just pop-up when Barack Obama became President.

When this President leaves office the labels will stand unless people stop using them.

I hate labels. I don’t like being referred to as an African-American Female, the title will not get me into heaven and it will not keep me out of hell. I don’t like people looking at my black grandson and assuming he plays sports. Labels are stereotypes run amuck!

Granted, there are times when we must identify certain character traits. Females must go in the women’s bathroom not men. There must be some accommodations made for individuals with special needs. However, when a group of so called leaders declare “Black Lives Matter” as if other skin pigments don’t then we have gone to far.

It is not just the President of the United States who has contributed to the divisions within this country? See what happens when a blue eyed blond white person enters an African Methodist Episcopal Church; or vice versa. The person may not be kicked out however many of the congregants will wonder what he / she is doing there.

Each person must examine the labels established within his or her own mind and do something about the divisions created.


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