I can’t remember the last time I wore stockings to church but I can tell you I have never, in my adult life, wore a hat. The idea of wearing jeans to church is very appalling to some people and seeing me sitting on the front row of a Sunday service in yoga pants would be offensive! Forget about being non-denominational I am non-traditional. (For the record: I prefer wearing ankle length skirts but I do wear pants from time to time.)
Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect church on earth. Being non-denominational does not mean you get everything right.

As Believers we should grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This means traditions that delay or deny growth should be eliminated. Far to many Christians get into debates about the method in which church is carried out and ignore the message that is being delivered.

There are songs that have been sung in churches for years that are not biblically correct. The words in these songs speak of children of God who are struggling, sick, and down trodden with hope of only enduring. Consider the words of “One Day At A Time,” a very popular song: we are not “only human” we are created in the image of God filled with His spirit empowered to live a victorious life. Many written today celebrate who God is, acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit and appreciate Jesus our Saviour and Son of God that agree with Scripture. Some reject these songs not because of the validity of the words but because of the instruments used.

There are a growing number of churches in which the Pastor presents a message by talking through a message as oppose to raising and lowering his voice to tug at a persons emotions. Far to many people are accustomed to the traditional loud preaching style in which a portion of a Bible verse is focused on for the entire sermon. Christians comment on the style of the messenger ignoring the content of the message.

There are traditional churches that are incorporating some of the newer methods of presenting the gospel to its’ people; it is being met with opposition by some. There are non-traditional churches who have gotten so far away from the integrity of church structure that the message of the cross has been weakened.

When I visit a church for the first time there is a mental checklist I have to go through: Can I wear pants; if I wear a skirt should I wear stockings (I do not own a pair so I would have to go purchase); what are the rules regarding where I can sit (I like to sit up front because people in the back are usually talking); if they have coffee before service can I take it inside the auditorium / sanctuary (what type of church will determine what the meeting room is called); does the Pastor want me to address him formally or casually? I have to prepare myself for preaching services because I really do not like a lot of yelling. I have to prepare myself for large choirs, particularly those who do not practice pronouncing words properly. And I have to prepare myself for the offerings, which in some churches can be more than one. None of the issues have anything to do with the actual gospel.

So what type of Christian are you?

Thank you for your comments.

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