I remember grabbing a cup of coffee and a donut walking down the aisle to a front row seat. Wearing jeans and a nice top I position my Bible in the seat next to me ready to pull it out when the Pastor begins to preach.
During those same services, in the seats behind me there are hundreds of people. The women are dressed nicely fully made up and the men equally adorned. Instead of Bibles they have the latest smart phone in hand, this makes it easier to switch from the YouVersion Bible app to Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest or Twitter. There was a time when I did not like sitting in the back because people talked so much, now conversations are held via text message thus not disturbing the service.
What’s my point? The fact that I sat on the front row of a church did not allow me to learn anymore than those people who were in the back text messaging, or glancing at Social Media sites. Drinking coffee and eating donuts in a big room that some call an auditorium and others call a sanctuary does not stop you from hearing God’s word nor does what you wear.

The Bible is what is important, it does not matter if you read it from your cell-phone your tablet, your computer or if you have a tangible copy. I personally believe having a goal to read the Bible in a year is useless IF all you do is read and not meditate on what you have read. Depending on the church to show you Bible verses on a television screen once a week is not the same as reading the verse yourself. Church attendance is not the basis of faith.

The place many people go to once a week is just church with an opportunity to see people they did not see last week. The messages may be great, even motivational, and the words coming from the pulpits are not anti-Christ but this does not mean a person is growing spiritually. Being a come-as-you-are non-denominational bilingual church may give you bragging rights in the community but it does not establish a personal relationship with Jesus.

This is what I was thinking the other day when I attended a political meeting the other day at a church and people stared at me because I sat in the front row. Though I was dressed in business attire and I drank my coffee before I entered the sanctuary I forgot that some people think the front row of a church is sacred. I like to think: I am the church.


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