I have discovered what it means to loose inches but not pounds! As I try to correct that course of action my body is taking I am burning some clothing bridges. Getting rid of things you do not want is a hard thing for men and women to do almost as hard as ending relationships that don’t fit.
I have a few blouses and a few skirts that I adore; truth be told, they never really looked good on me. Last week I went through my closet and took everything out that I could not fit, I had not warn in years or just did not look right on me and I donated it to the goodwill; except one blouse.

There is always that one! There is always that one relationship that you hold onto hoping it will get better. Perhaps it is a friend who has been in your life through your good and bad times except now he or she uses those memories to keep you down, making you feel like you will never be much. Sometimes we stay in relationships in which one person does not treat you the way that any human should be treated; perhaps she verbally degrades you or he physically assaults you; regardless of the number of times a person apologizes abuse is abuse! Opportunities may come for other jobs yet you stay were you have been for years after all you have a great parking space, you get along with most of the people and you could do what you do blindfolded! Despite your success deep down you are dissatisfied because it is time to let someone else wear the job and you try on something new.

When it becomes that hard to let go, perhaps you need to do what I did with my favorite shirt! Make sure you can’t continue doing what you are doing “burn the bridge.” Tell your lifelong friend the truth: You were there for me and I really appreciate it but since you insist on telling me what I cannot do I am going to have to do what I need to do without you in my life. Sometimes you have to love a spouse from afar: pack your bags, get a restraining order and talk to a lawyer- no explanation necessary. Accept the job that reflects all that you are capable of doing in a location that you can learn to love and burn the job bridge by giving them two weeks notice.

To make sure I never wore that beautiful blouse again I grabbed my scissors and turned it into rags. I don’t trust myself to give it to goodwill.

WOMAN ON THE PHONEBurning bridges is a drastic measure but it is often necessary. In order to improve personally we must make sure anything that is holding us down is out of the way which includes: friends who put us down, spouses who abuse, jobs that we never intended to stay at until retirement and clothing that is not appropriate for our bodies. I have done them all, even though it was just clothing it was not any easier. The good news is one of my child hood friends has gone through her own metamorphosis and she is back into my life, not as we were before but we speak from time to time.



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