JUNK FOOD written by Marsha L Randolph


I just finished watching a commercial for a vitamin that taste like a mint. I thought, as I watched it: to get a vitamin taste good you have to add a lot of flavoring. The commercial confirmed my suspicion that many people, despite believing they live a healthy lifestyle, are actually filling their bodies with junk food.

BarleyLife-capsAs an Independent Distributor of nutritional supplements from THE AIM COMPANIES I do not push any particular product on my clients. I do, however, caution them to live a life of moderation and use common sense when purchasing products that are meant to keep you healthy.

I don’t eat health bars I have not read the label to determine how healthy they are. I suspect that within the product are preservatives. A person could make their own snack bar, I eat Baby Ruth candy bars- it has 4 grams of protein!

We have had over six years of individuals pushing a healthy lifestyle by taking away candy, chips and soda from school age children. Many of the people who are against junk food in school support products like pediasure, chemicals added to artificial milk.

Worst than the vitamins advertised on television are the prescription drugs promoted; the side effects can be deadly.

Despite artificial colors and flavors as well as preservatives found in many of today’s supplements and so called health bars; and despite the terrible side effects many of the prescription drugs have, people are more concerned about those who eat potato chips and drink coke. Personally I would rather eat a donut and drink a coke than to take an anti-depressant that may cause me to commit suicide.

To learn more about THE AIM COMPANIES or if you may be interested in becoming an Independent Distributor let me know. No large up front fees, No mandates to build a team, No pressure,  No quotas LOT’S OF HELP.


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