THREAD COUNT- Knowing Quality When You See It by Marsha L Randolph


I remember shopping with my mother and Aunt at a linen outlet store in one of the Carolina’s. The sisters were debating which sheets were worth purchasing one with at least 600 thread count or one with a minimum of 800 thread count. I thought they were both to expensive. This was one of the most memorable memories and many incidental lessons my mother and my aunt taught me.

Today when purchasing sheets I look at the thread count, if it is less than a 600 thread count, no matter what the cost, I will not consider purchasing it. I taught my girls about thread counts, I also passed down to them many of the lessons I learned from two very classy ladies.

I feel sorry for the young girls of today, their knowledge of what it means to be a lady is very much lacking. Consider the story of the “Princess and the Pea” the real Princess knew what it meant to sleep in a bed of quality. Young females today focus on quantity not quality.

Many people, males and females, accumulate lots of stuff they have: lots of electronic gadgets, lots of clothes and even lots of relationships. When things brake, became tattered and warn, or no longer interest the individual they are discarded and no interest are sought. No one taught them how to look for quality that would pass the test of time.

When my mother died she had a closet full of sheets that were as good as new. When my aunt moved in with her daughter and the content of her home was sold the items were in as just as good condition as the day she had bought them. Because I was taught by very intelligent women who started out in life not being able to afford the best but learned how to get the best that they could afford I know how to spot quality in not just in things but in people as well.


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