rocking chairToday I am sitting on the front porch of one of the oldest women I know, her name is Geraldine Vaassur. It is an earned privilege to a select few to call the 97 year old widowed mother of seven ‘Ma Gee’. Ma Gee’s home is a hidden from the road by fruit trees which are surrounded by evergreen trees to prevent unwanted visitors. However, there are four very healthy dogs that protect both person and property just in case someone might dares to come up the two lane path curved road that leads to her front porch. All you really see from the front porch is nature.

Today was a quiet day. I often come by to help her in work in the garden or can fruits and vegetables- though Ma Gee is a lot faster than I at doing what needs to be done.  On canning days the house is full of women who call her Ma Gee as well as daughters.  This was a day in which it was just the two of us sitting on the front porch listening to the “sounds of life” as she calls it.

After about an hour or two of watching her dogs chase the birds and squirrels, and seeing the trees sway to and fro she pulled out her Bible, this was my cue to prepare the lunch I had brought from home.

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