Today is NATIONAL PRAYER DAY and many Christians will pray out of tradition, obligation or because everyone else is doing it. Praying is a serious action and should not be taken lightly. It does not have to take hours but it should be done with the belief that God hears what is being said.

Pray for the peace of this nation, pray for law and order to be restored, pray for the healing of hearts minds and souls and pray that you will be an asset to the Kingdom of God and not a hindrance. 

Not everyone knows how to pray.

When I began writing the book it was called “DON’T PRAY FOR ME” because there are so many people out there who don’t know how to pray.  Many people can pray long and loud but cannot pray effective. If you don’t know what to pray DON’T PRAY!

I believe my prayers are effective when I pray according to 1) the word of God and 2) the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I believe some people, not all, pray but think the bank, the doctors, their friends, their family, their enemies, and others can stop God from answering a prayer.

People do not believe everything in the Bible, I do not want a person who doubts God’s word, or thinks it is out dated, to pray for me. HOWEVER, the Spirit of God said people would not purchase my book if I called it: Don’t Pray For Me.

I wrote an eBook called BEFORE YOU PRAY FOR ME, it is not about what to pray or how to pray but understanding the elements of prayer. Things like appreciating God as the ultimate FATHER. I expound upon the principles of salvation and other basic things that were mentioned in church but not elaborated upon. 

I also wrote a companion PRAYER GUIDE– it is a list of things that we should pray for. The guide is not meant to be used daily  nor should you try to cover everything on the list in one setting. What is important is that you pray.