I write everyday! Much of my writing is on Facebook and that is not a bad thing; I post with a purpose. In addition I have my blog ‘NETTIEOLOGY‘ and I review books at BEYOND THE BOOKSTORE. Yes I am psuedo-editing my novel manuscript (I hate editing!) from NaNoWriMo 2016 and I have the idea for the next novel which will be ready for NaNoWriMo 2017; while writing 2 ebooks to be published via Smashwords. But all of this will continue while I add more changes.  (Did I mention my YouTube channel?)

In order to improve what I do I must make adjustments from time to time, a.k.a. change, and so I am exploring the possibility of going back to school. Perhaps this is a bit premature (nothing is paid for yet) but I have enrolled in Liberty University to obtain an Associates in Religion. I have completed the registration process and have unofficially been accepted.

The courses I will be taking I have completed via a “Free” program online and I have obtained a Certificate of Completion. Taking classes from an accredited school will solidify my “street creds” so to speak, saying I graduated from Liberty University gives me bonus points (LOL). In reality God has already  called and positioned  me as a Teacher and a Scribe with prophetic gifts .  I am doing now what I will be doing when I get my degree, I suspect the added paperwork will open doors that I have yet to see.

I still have to come up with the money.

But this post is all about change and the question is: How will being a student change my life? It will not.

The change is in the obedience.  A week ago I had no desire to go back to school, two months ago I had no desire to go back to Yahovah Eloheem Ministries; a year ago I would have told you I was not going to be babysitting a one year old; yet, here I am today caring for a toddler, back at the church I was a part of 10 years ago and enrolled in a college. Every step I have taken since October of 2016 has been ordered by the Lord and I finally learned how to yield to His will and go.

A person who is not willing to learn is not willing to grow. 

I have learned a lot from other churches, mostly what God does not want us to do. Now it is time to learn how to be a leader in the house of God without compromising His truths. My transition has not been easy and not always enjoyable only because I resisted change. But to improve life we must all change and this is what I am doing at the age of 57.  —written by Marsha L F Randolph

This is where I began and now I begin again.