Dealing with PTSD.

I recently had a family member die, who lived with PTSD, when I lived near him I did not ‘get’ his personality, we were never close. I had heard mention of his difficulty since returning from the war but I can’t even say which war, I think it was Vietnam.
POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, PTSD, was non-existent in the 1960’s and 70’s, it is just recent years that we hear about it and many times it is in association with non-war traumas. I still don’t understand it the dynamics of it all but I am very empathetic.
Last year a YouTuber talked about the suicide rate among veterans and he had a 22 for 22 challenge of which I participated. We did 22 toe touches in recognition for the 22 individuals who committed suicide that day; for those of us who did not exercise this was indeed a challenge. For a month we heard discussions about the difficulties people with PTSD have.
Recently I started watching THE QUILTING MARINE on YouTube, he has PTSD and he quilts as part of his treatment. The Quilting Marine, TQM, is a young Marine- perhaps he served in Afghanistan I have not researched to discover the origins of his PTSD.

Over the years I have encounter other men who have PTSD, I have come to respect them. These men, I have not personally met any female veterans with PTSD, just want peace and they need to do something to get it unfortunately for some drugs and alcohol are the only way to achieve this goal and for others it seems that suicide is the solution.

My cousin died of a heart attack but when I informed a family member of his death the comment was about how much he drank. I suspect my cousin drank to find peace.

I don’t know, I really am ignorant when it comes to this subject. I did my 22 toe-touches with 30 days of prayer for the veterans who committed suicide. And I am learning how to quilt so that the next challenge The Quilting Marine has I will be able to participate. (TQM has people in the YouTube community donate quilting blocks, he or someone in the community, makes a lap quilt for veterans in wheelchairs.) I do know that it takes a very special woman to stay married and love a man with PTSD and my cousins’ wife is a special woman. written by Marsha L F Randolph

The YouTubers I speak of: Big bear homestead  and The Quilting Marine

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