SELF MONITIZATION – writers need an income while they write!

I finally mentioned paypal on a blog post because I know Google will never pay me what I am worth! I do not have thousands of followers, nor do I have hundreds of subscribers. I don’t write: sexually provocative thoughts, angry political ideology, or feel good messages that appeal to the masses but have no biblical basis. I will not have the thousands of followers that others do because I write about the realities of everyday living as a follower of Jesus. BUT I DO HAVE READERS.

I have been blogging for over 5 years and my readership has increased, ever so slowly. In that time the rules have changed for how bloggers are paid multiple time. In 5 years I have been paid once! I have earned money but it will be a while before Google releases it because of their threshold for payment. (Meaning: they have earned money from my blog but they are going to hold my check until I earn a specific dollar amount.)

You will notice that quite a few YouTubers, most of which also have blogs, have alternative ways of receiving income. Many YouTubers self-monitize using Patreon and Paypal their viewers give directly to them, well writers need money too!

I can earn a dollar from Google advertisement on my page but I will not get that dollar until I have accumulated $100 in the Google account. You can donate $1 to me via and I have access to that money instantly!

If I were to allow sexually provacative ads on my page I probably could earn money faster- I will not.

PLEASE SUPPORT THE PAGE! Donate to my account

Marsha L F Randolph

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