I am 100% woman; my mother was 100% woman; my grandmother was 100% woman, and I am sure my female ancestors were all 100% woman. I come from a long line of intelligent, hard working, free thinking women who appreciated being female.  Furthermore, I love being a woman with all of its’ traditional perks, like men opening the door for me and paying the bill when we go out to eat.

Over ten years ago, I studied women in the Bible, for personal information, they were submissive and assertive, some even manipulative but always feminine. I have heard messages on the Proverbs 31 woman far to often but I can’t think of one message on the Titus woman. Today I here a barrage of women on television declaring their Christian faith while promoting abortion, same sex marriage, and violence against people who disagree with their political ideology.

Feminism has replaced being feminine. The consequences of these worldly philosophies is that families, as God defined them, has been destroyed.

I have been learning to appreciate  the things that I do: knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, making soap and candles, and gardening. Many would consider these actions old fashioned housewife activities; yep, they are and there is nothing wrong with doing them. There are quite a few women who appreciate being a female and being feminine.  How unfortunate, liberal media chooses to celebrate the minority of women who enjoying parading with “vagina hats” on demanding to have abortions. The real tragedy is when I hear Christian women talk negatively about women such as myself who enjoy being treated like a lady.

When I write it is from a female perspective,  THE TRUTH ABOUT VASHTAI was about women, one in particular,  overcoming despite the behavior of men.   I am currently working on two writing projects one fiction the other non-fiction.

My non-fiction writing project is about the legacy of a Black family. Just like being a female I cannot avoid writing from a woman of color’s perspective and I think it is an important message. Black people have been lied to about their history one of faith, family and purpose. There are more good times and victories than many have been led to believe.  I pray that upon completion it will be food for thought.

I am excited about the fiction piece because it is about women from a biblical perspective. This writing project allows my experience:  thirty plus years of Bible study, 58 plus years of living as a woman, and years of ministering to women in all walks of life, together to share what God’s word says about being a female and how we are to help one another.

This is what I was meant to do, this is what I will do- it is my “such at time as this.”
written by Marsha L F Randolph

Thank you for your comments.

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