This has been an unbelievably stressful year! I began it editing FAMILY LEGACY (working title), blogging on my site NETTIE-OLOGY and making YOUTUBE VIDEOS consistently and then my computer crashed. After a few months of woe is me I got my computer fixed and continued editing, blogging and making YouTube videos. AND THEN I got an idea for another book, actually I had the idea for a while but the pages started formulating in my mind and so I was ready to start writing.

Did I mention that I screwed up the publication of BEFORE YOU PRAY FOR ME???? After getting the manuscript copyrighted and the book cover design created I was doing a final review, fixing some obvious technical errors and then the computer crashed. I HAVE NO BACK UP!

I don’t trust the “cloud” and I keep meaning to get an external hard drive but I keep forgetting and I have flash drives but apparently I did not use it. No problem- I thought. I will simply get a copy from the copyright place; it cost! Did I mention I am a cash flow challenged writer?

Nevertheless, I fixed my computer and started doing my thing. Long story short it is down again. Still no back up BUT I HAVE A PLAN!

This is how you know you are a writer, when you have to write even if it is using paper and pen. If you wake up thinking of plots, ways to edit to make the message flow, have abstract sentences flow through your mind at weird times of the day or know the computer repair man’s complete schedule and he has access to your computer 24 hours a day. I am a writer.

My computer is down, it is Christmas time and I don’t have credit cards. My family is more important to me than my computer so as much as I don’t like it I am using my husbands computer until such time as my computer is repaired. (My computer guy says I have one of the best computers out there and it is better to fix it than buy a new one.)

What is important is that I am writing and I have mentally done the edits for FAMILY LEGACY and written the first draft of the new manuscript, I am blogging regularly and I am thinking about the next book!

This is the life of me, Marsha L F Randolph, my normal!

FOOTNOTE: I am getting a second computer for my tax business and my crafting business as my computer guy keeps telling me I need. AND I AM GETTING AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!    written by Marsha L F Randolph

Thank you for your comments.

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