NETTIE-ISM: It is not what you leave your daughters but what you are giving them while you are living that is important.


Every time I eat a sweet potato pie I remember when my grandmother made them, I also remember when my mother realized her mind had gone and could not make them anymore. At some point my grandmother’s pie recipe became lost in the abyss of Alzheimer’s.

The past few holidays my daughters have taken over doing all the cooking. I don’t have Alzheimer’s and I am able but I know it is important to allow them the opportunity to prepare a grand meal.

the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things—

This verse is the motivator factor for the book I am working on. This Titus woman is a teacher of good things far to many women today are not. What are we teaching our girls?

My grandmother was 100% woman and she expected a man to be 100% male. My grandmother was queen of her household. My grandmother demonstrated to her daughters the art of being female and they passed it on to their daughters. Unfortunately,unlike my grandmother my mother and my aunt, her daughters, worked outside the home so they knew how to cook just not her recipes.

Often when we, the grandchildren, gather those of us who were old enough to partake of her delicious pies will talk about granny’s pies. Now that is not to be confused with grandmother’s, my father’s mother, cakes; those recipes are gone too.

Those recipes are just a part of what made those grand ladies so wonderful. We were taught to respect them and we did, there were a lot of “as long as you are in my house” rules that we had to obey.

I went to church and liked it, when I visited granny. I watched grandmother cook, listened to her stories of back in the day. I watched granny date and not let him do more than kiss her on the cheek, I also saw her get married in church to a man who could provide for her. I saw grandmother serve granddaddy a hot meal when he got home from work. I saw granny crochet and serve as an usher in church. I saw grandmother gently counsel her children and grandchildren. Granny and grandmother were Titus women, they were strong, intelligent and beautiful women of GOD; what a legacy.

written by Marsha L F Randolph

NETTIE-ISM reflects the opinions of Marsha L F Randolph and is the soul property of the author MARSHA L F RANDOLPH. All rights reserved- do not use without permission. Disagreeing with what is written is not offensive to the author a disagreeable comment will be deleted.

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