The Truth About Vashtai CoverIt has been almost 9 years since I published THE TRUTH ABOUT VASHTAI and I have learned quite a bit about writing, publishing and making money. The one lesson I have learned: I have to keep my day job!

People often come to me for advice about writing. I used to tell them to just write and when you are finished writing decide if you can do it forever; most people never write the first word. I have adjusted my response to: “If you want to write then write but make sure you have a job that will pay your bills.” They still may not write but at least they haven’t quit their day job to pursue a dream.

Technically, writing is my day job but it does not take care of my personal living expenses. I have been an Independent Tax Preparer longer than an author but, that is not enough income. (LOL! Lately, there has no “in” coming!)

If all I did was tax returns and suggest ways for a person or business to invest their money I could have a very good income. But, I have to write, which takes away from what could be a 80 plus hours a week job.

I have learned that I write all day every day, I use up a lot of words on Facebook. As I have gotten to know my writing habits I have determined that I should write at least two thousand words a day. I have also discovered, if I am not in the middle of writing or editing by 10:30AM I cannot write. If I don’t waste my words on Facebook, I can easily write three thousand words which includes a 250 to 1,000 word blog post.

Life is my muse- one of the reasons I love Social Media so much. There is a meme I have seen in various forms that writers post that reads something like this: ‘Don’t make me mad or I may kill you on page 336’. That is because, like me, most writers are inspired by something they have seen or heard. I cannot meet every personality type in my four corners of the earth but YouTube and Facebook allow me to see character traits in real time.

I am not just about words and numbers. I also sew, knit, crochet and garden. I sell: the soy candles that I make, the soap that I make and even the laundry detergent that I make. Recently I entered the world of quilting. Even these activities serve as inspiration as I write.

When a person comes to me and says; “I want to write.” I may say: “If you want to write then write but make sure you have a job that will pay your bills”, this is not what I am thinking. For the most part these people don’t really want to write they just want people to hear their opinion and they want to make a lot of money. When I decided I was going to be a writer I just did it. Looking back I realize I had been writing long before I pursued a career in writing.

Writers write, they talk like they are writing. Writers see and speak in their genre: historical, faith based, romance, action. I am a practical, do it yourself, faith based person and I see and write life application principles from a biblical perspective.
– written by Marsha L F Randolph
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