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 NETTIEOLOGY: With the numerous ways COVID-19 can be treated successfully: If you are still wearing a mask, thank lawyers and the liberal media.
At this point the virus known as COVID-19 should be treated like any other disease, we should know that it is there, avoid it as much as possible but continue living our lives. Unfortunately, the media has hyped the disease up so much, in the desire to make people afraid of shadows, that people have put common sense aside. The fear factor has activated lawyers who are now ready to make money suing anyone and any entity that dares facilitate the opportunity for someone to catch the virus.
I was working as a nurse when AIDS first came on the scene- I think people said it came from African monkeys (???). There was a patient on the unit I worked on that was on isolation- no one knew his diagnosis. We suspected he had AIDS but the doctors refused to put a diagnosis on his chart. One of my coworkers accidentally pricked her finger with a needle she had used to draw blood from him. (Back then they did not have the self-covering needle that they have now.) When she, and the rest of us, learned that she had to be tested she was hysterical, we were angry. We were forced to treat someone, and possibly others, who had a disease no one knew what to do with.
There is still no cure for AIDS but people live with the disease. I know someone who has been HIV positive for over 30 years.  California, has been so bold as to suggest legislature that would decriminalize knowingly transferring the virus to another person.  There is no cure for AIDS and people die from the disease yet there is no panic. What is the difference?
People think only homosexuals get AIDS this is not true! People know “old people” get COVID-19 and minorities get COVID-19 but that is all the media is telling them.
Now the government is telling people to go back to work! But wear mask, wash your hands and put on gloves if necessary. Oh! And don’t touch your face. SHAKING MY HEAD!!!!
Based on the comments I see on Facebook and the few reports I hear about on YouTube, the media is telling people that it is to soon to return to normal- there could be another outbreak! Which is why I say the lawyers are coming!
Let’s add one more piece of inflammatory rhetoric to the mix of opinions. We are in an election year, the Democrats are in trouble.
Career politicians, regardless of political affiliation, are addicted to the title. They do not care about the consequences of their actions they just need to stay in office. Dedicated Christian Democrats do not want to admit that their loyalty has been misplaced.
Atheist, agnostics and other loyal Democrats don’t care what the motive of a politician is because they are just as ideological as the people they vote for- they believe in global warming, climate change, and COVID-19 is going to kill us all!  (Perhaps I am being a bit facetious.)
My point is: Democrats need President Trump and Conservatives to lose in November. They need COVID-19 to destroy the economy so that people will either not vote or vote Democrat.
I see many people letting go of their faith and accepting the concept of a “New Normal”. I believe the Bible, technically I never was worldly normal. There are enough Christians in the United States of America that this concept of new normal should be swiftly rejected.
Unfortunately, Politicians are giving out money telling the masses they will help them out of this crisis. Unfortunately, the media is presenting all kinds of conflicting narratives regarding the virus and people are grabbing the ideas that fits their opinion. And, as the Republican administration tries to get people back to work lawyers are getting ready to sue any person or entity because their client contracted COVID-19. None of this is “New Normal”, it is life in America.
When the dust settles my only concern is: How do we rebuild the church? Many people are praying for revival I am praying for RESTORATION.
                                                                        written by Marsha L F Randolph
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