The Truth About Vashtai CoverIt has been almost 9 years since I published THE TRUTH ABOUT VASHTAI and I have learned quite a bit about writing, publishing and making money. The one lesson I have learned: I have to keep my day job!

People often come to me for advice about writing. I used to tell them to just write and when you are finished writing decide if you can do it forever; most people never write the first word. I have adjusted my response to: “If you want to write then write but make sure you have a job that will pay your bills.” They still may not write but at least they haven’t quit their day job to pursue a dream.

Technically, writing is my day job but it does not take care of my personal living expenses. I have been an Independent Tax Preparer longer than an author but, that is not enough income. (LOL! Lately, there has no “in” coming!)

If all I did was tax returns and suggest ways for a person or business to invest their money I could have a very good income. But, I have to write, which takes away from what could be a 80 plus hours a week job.

I have learned that I write all day every day, I use up a lot of words on Facebook. As I have gotten to know my writing habits I have determined that I should write at least two thousand words a day. I have also discovered, if I am not in the middle of writing or editing by 10:30AM I cannot write. If I don’t waste my words on Facebook, I can easily write three thousand words which includes a 250 to 1,000 word blog post.

Life is my muse- one of the reasons I love Social Media so much. There is a meme I have seen in various forms that writers post that reads something like this: ‘Don’t make me mad or I may kill you on page 336’. That is because, like me, most writers are inspired by something they have seen or heard. I cannot meet every personality type in my four corners of the earth but YouTube and Facebook allow me to see character traits in real time.

I am not just about words and numbers. I also sew, knit, crochet and garden. I sell: the soy candles that I make, the soap that I make and even the laundry detergent that I make. Recently I entered the world of quilting. Even these activities serve as inspiration as I write.

When a person comes to me and says; “I want to write.” I may say: “If you want to write then write but make sure you have a job that will pay your bills”, this is not what I am thinking. For the most part these people don’t really want to write they just want people to hear their opinion and they want to make a lot of money. When I decided I was going to be a writer I just did it. Looking back I realize I had been writing long before I pursued a career in writing.

Writers write, they talk like they are writing. Writers see and speak in their genre: historical, faith based, romance, action. I am a practical, do it yourself, faith based person and I see and write life application principles from a biblical perspective.
– written by Marsha L F Randolph
The words written above  reflects the opinions of and is the soul property of the author MARSHA L F RANDOLPH. All rights reserved- do not use without permission. Disagreeing with what is written is not offensive to the author a disagreeable comment will be deleted.


NETTIE-OLOGY: Look me in the eyes!  

The ability to properly communicate is an endangered behavior. In recent times I began receiving an increasing number of text messages that warranted telephone calls and, though not as many, telephone calls that should have been face to face conversation.

Think about this, when communicating via text message or social media, CAPITAL LETTERS IS YELLING. Not everyone who text knows that some people just use all caps because they are not typist and do not like looking for the cap key for one letter. I have also had communications via text message that were so long it required my receiving multiple text to complete the one transmission.

Very few people want eye to eye contact with others. I often joke “my eyes don’t lie” but it is very true, if you look in my eyes the perceptive person can see how I really feel. Liars control how they look but the rest of their body reveal the truth. Eye contact is dangerous to the liar but it is good for the individual who wants to share a truth with all sincerity.

The art of communicating is the ability to diffuse a situation with words. I have to commit to listening to you, paying attention to your feelings and respond with honesty and empathy. You may not like what is said but if spoken correctly you will be able to deal with it. Text messages, social media post / messages are forms of communicating but can easily taken out of context; telephone calls can end abruptly. Let’s bring back talking face to face, eye to eye over a cup of tea.                     written by MARSHA L F Randolph

NETTIE-OLOGY /NETTIE-ISM reflects the opinions of and is the soul property of the author MARSHA L F RANDOLPH. All rights reserved- do not use without permission. Disagreeing with what is written is not offensive to the author a disagreeable comment will be deleted.




I have allowed people to dictate my time and influence my thinking that ends today. I am not the entertainment committee- don’t just drop by. My kitchen is not self-serve; when you do stop by uninvited don’t expect me to offer you anything. If I want your opinion I will ask for it; I have not in all these years so…!

Yes, I make candles and soap; I crochet, knit and sew; I also garden. I do things that I enjoy that help me relax enough to forget about the cares of this world and focus on what I am writing; ironically I write about the cares of this world. Many times I force myself to interact with others rarely do I want to be with people.

I have to physically see and talk to loved ones to make sure they are OK and then I am ready to retreat. I don’t like unpaid bills because then I have to worry about if something is going to be turned off or canceled. I have no problem with me spontaneously doing a fun activity but I do have problems with other people want me to participate in their activities; people always want me to do things when I want to do nothing.

Am I selfish? Many people would say no but I am self-centered to the extent that I become really irritated when things are out of sort. I have to pray, prayer is part of the process. I am self-centered enough that if I don’t spend time alone with YHWH I am unbearable.

In 2018 my faith journey took a turn, I went deeper into the word of GOD. Because I was in unknown territory, receiving information that I had not heard before I trusted others to tell me what I was reading. The good news is, there was conflict in the information I was receiving and so I had to pray and do my own research. It is not that I disagreed with the people talking to me I just did not accept their truths; apparently I was right on January 1, 2018, I just have better understanding now.

In 2018 my relationships with my family was challenged;. I slowed down my activities to check myself. I gave away things I made that I could have sold to people who did not appreciate my efforts. I supported the decisions of people who were struggling and had made the decision to change only to later see them repeating what they had done to become discouraged. I canceled my plans to do what someone else wanted to do. By December of 2018 I realized: It wasn’t me; I was not the problem.

In 2018 I screwed up technically when it comes to my writing. Just before I published BEFORE YOU PRAY FOR ME I realized there were some format mistakes but I don’t have a copy of it, the only copy I have is at the copyright office. As I was editing FAMILY LEGACY my computer went down fortunately it was fixed and I continued writing. I started another manuscript TITUS WOMAN then my computer went down again with both manuscripts not saved and not completed. Nothing is on a flash or external hard-drive because I don’t have one. I am tired of starting over because I did not back up on an external hard-drive my writings THIS LESSON WAS LEARNED THE HARD WAY.

In 2018 I was my own worst supporter. I fully understand that I have very little support from friends and family, Vicki, my sister-friend, is the only one who not only encourages my writing but will redirect my attention when towards writing when I stop. In 2019 BEFORE YOU PRAY FOR ME will get published; the two manuscripts I am working on will get published. I learned a lot in 2018 but now it is time to stop sacrificing my gift from GOD to accommodate people who don’t understand what it means to be a writer.

written by Marsha L F Randolph
NETTIE-OLOGY /NETTIE-ISM reflects the opinions of and is the soul property of the author MARSHA L F RANDOLPH. All rights reserved- do not use without permission. Disagreeing with what is written is not offensive to the author a disagreeable comment will be deleted.




NETTIE-ISM: It is not what you leave your daughters but what you are giving them while you are living that is important.


Every time I eat a sweet potato pie I remember when my grandmother made them, I also remember when my mother realized her mind had gone and could not make them anymore. At some point my grandmother’s pie recipe became lost in the abyss of Alzheimer’s.

The past few holidays my daughters have taken over doing all the cooking. I don’t have Alzheimer’s and I am able but I know it is important to allow them the opportunity to prepare a grand meal.

the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things—

This verse is the motivator factor for the book I am working on. This Titus woman is a teacher of good things far to many women today are not. What are we teaching our girls?

My grandmother was 100% woman and she expected a man to be 100% male. My grandmother was queen of her household. My grandmother demonstrated to her daughters the art of being female and they passed it on to their daughters. Unfortunately,unlike my grandmother my mother and my aunt, her daughters, worked outside the home so they knew how to cook just not her recipes.

Often when we, the grandchildren, gather those of us who were old enough to partake of her delicious pies will talk about granny’s pies. Now that is not to be confused with grandmother’s, my father’s mother, cakes; those recipes are gone too.

Those recipes are just a part of what made those grand ladies so wonderful. We were taught to respect them and we did, there were a lot of “as long as you are in my house” rules that we had to obey.

I went to church and liked it, when I visited granny. I watched grandmother cook, listened to her stories of back in the day. I watched granny date and not let him do more than kiss her on the cheek, I also saw her get married in church to a man who could provide for her. I saw grandmother serve granddaddy a hot meal when he got home from work. I saw granny crochet and serve as an usher in church. I saw grandmother gently counsel her children and grandchildren. Granny and grandmother were Titus women, they were strong, intelligent and beautiful women of GOD; what a legacy.

written by Marsha L F Randolph

NETTIE-ISM reflects the opinions of Marsha L F Randolph and is the soul property of the author MARSHA L F RANDOLPH. All rights reserved- do not use without permission. Disagreeing with what is written is not offensive to the author a disagreeable comment will be deleted.


Dealing with PTSD.

I recently had a family member die, who lived with PTSD, when I lived near him I did not ‘get’ his personality, we were never close. I had heard mention of his difficulty since returning from the war but I can’t even say which war, I think it was Vietnam.
POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, PTSD, was non-existent in the 1960’s and 70’s, it is just recent years that we hear about it and many times it is in association with non-war traumas. I still don’t understand it the dynamics of it all but I am very empathetic.
Last year a YouTuber talked about the suicide rate among veterans and he had a 22 for 22 challenge of which I participated. We did 22 toe touches in recognition for the 22 individuals who committed suicide that day; for those of us who did not exercise this was indeed a challenge. For a month we heard discussions about the difficulties people with PTSD have.
Recently I started watching THE QUILTING MARINE on YouTube, he has PTSD and he quilts as part of his treatment. The Quilting Marine, TQM, is a young Marine- perhaps he served in Afghanistan I have not researched to discover the origins of his PTSD.

Over the years I have encounter other men who have PTSD, I have come to respect them. These men, I have not personally met any female veterans with PTSD, just want peace and they need to do something to get it unfortunately for some drugs and alcohol are the only way to achieve this goal and for others it seems that suicide is the solution.

My cousin died of a heart attack but when I informed a family member of his death the comment was about how much he drank. I suspect my cousin drank to find peace.

I don’t know, I really am ignorant when it comes to this subject. I did my 22 toe-touches with 30 days of prayer for the veterans who committed suicide. And I am learning how to quilt so that the next challenge The Quilting Marine has I will be able to participate. (TQM has people in the YouTube community donate quilting blocks, he or someone in the community, makes a lap quilt for veterans in wheelchairs.) I do know that it takes a very special woman to stay married and love a man with PTSD and my cousins’ wife is a special woman. written by Marsha L F Randolph

The YouTubers I speak of: Big bear homestead  and The Quilting Marine

NETTIE-OLOGY /NETTIE-ISM reflects the opinions of and is the soul property of the author MARSHA L F RANDOLPH. All rights reserved- do not use without permission. Disagreeing with what is written is not offensive to the author a disagreeable comment will be deleted.



Today is NATIONAL PRAYER DAY and many Christians will pray out of tradition, obligation or because everyone else is doing it. Praying is a serious action and should not be taken lightly. It does not have to take hours but it should be done with the belief that God hears what is being said.

Pray for the peace of this nation, pray for law and order to be restored, pray for the healing of hearts minds and souls and pray that you will be an asset to the Kingdom of God and not a hindrance. 

Not everyone knows how to pray.

When I began writing the book it was called “DON’T PRAY FOR ME” because there are so many people out there who don’t know how to pray.  Many people can pray long and loud but cannot pray effective. If you don’t know what to pray DON’T PRAY!

I believe my prayers are effective when I pray according to 1) the word of God and 2) the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I believe some people, not all, pray but think the bank, the doctors, their friends, their family, their enemies, and others can stop God from answering a prayer.

People do not believe everything in the Bible, I do not want a person who doubts God’s word, or thinks it is out dated, to pray for me. HOWEVER, the Spirit of God said people would not purchase my book if I called it: Don’t Pray For Me.

I wrote an eBook called BEFORE YOU PRAY FOR ME, it is not about what to pray or how to pray but understanding the elements of prayer. Things like appreciating God as the ultimate FATHER. I expound upon the principles of salvation and other basic things that were mentioned in church but not elaborated upon. 

I also wrote a companion PRAYER GUIDE– it is a list of things that we should pray for. The guide is not meant to be used daily  nor should you try to cover everything on the list in one setting. What is important is that you pray.



I decided to make my first book to review for 2017 The Constitution of the United States. I have several pocket sized copies. I admit that this was the first time that I ever read the entire document.

Based on the past ten years in America, and the most recent election cycle I believe every American should read: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America with its’ Amendments at least once. Too many people think this is a democratic government but according to the Constitution it is a republic. SCRIVENER WordNet Dictionary definition of Republic: a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.

Article IV section 4
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature can-not be convened) against domestic Violence

This document is not difficult to understand if you speak proper English, not street talk, I would suggest it be read at least twice- this is the same advice I give for those who have never read the Bible.

There are some who are calling for revisions of this important document and only one who is informed can understand why this is a foolish idea. Many young people do not fully appreciate the wisdom found on these pages. And many elite politicians take advantage of the ignorance of the general population by disregarding its’ words.

Consider the Constitution does not say anything about ‘separation of church and state. The first Amendment declares that the government cannot pass laws about religion. Regardless of your faith you have the freedom to vote for who you please BUT the government cannot tell you how to vote because of your faith.

Amendment I.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I read the entire document in one day. Though it was read over the course of four hours I was frequently interrupted thus I am sure it could be less than that. Free pocket Constitutions are thin enough to actually fit in your jean pocket get one today.  xxxMarsha L F Randolph